How To Change Wifi Password(5 Easy Ways)

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How To Change Wifi Password:- Wi-Fi is great for keeping you updated, but a poorly secured Wi-Fi can put your personal data at risk. Keeping your router password strong and changing the password regularly are essential keys to protecting your network and your data.

Changing your password also keeps cheap neighbors from stealing your bandwidth. To change your Wi-Fi password, you’ll need to open your router’s configuration page. log in using your details, and change the password under the wireless settings menu.


Open your router’s configuration page. 

You can access your router’s configuration page through a web browser on a computer connected to your network. This will bypass the need for the Wi-Fi password.

  • Standard router addresses are or Enter the address into your browser’s address bar.
  • If none of the above addresses grant you access to the configuration page, open the Command Prompt by pressing the Windows key + R and entering cmd. Once the Command Prompt opens, type ipconfig and press Enter. Look for your active connection in the list and find the default address. This is typically your router address.
  • If all else fails, press and hold the Reset button on your router for about 30 seconds to revert it to factory default settings. Then, look up the default address for that router model and enter it into your browser.
  • Some routers come with configuration software. If you’ve previously installed your configuration software, you can use that instead of the web browser interface.

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Enter your router’s username and password

How To Change Wifi Password:- Every router will require a username and password to access the routers configuration page. If you never changed this your default username will be “admin” or “userAdmin”. The password is “admin”, “password” or your current Wi-Fi’s password.

  • If you’ve changed the login in the past and since forgot it, or received it. The router as a hand-me-down and the previous owner didn’t reset it, you’ll need to press and hold the Reset button on the router for about 30 seconds. This will reset the settings to default, allowing you to log in with the default username and password.

Open the Wireless section

After logged in into your router, you will need to find the Wireless section of the configuration page. The exact name changes from manufacturer to manufacturer. But generally, you are looking for a “Wireless” or “Wireless Settings/Setup” tab or button.

  • If your “Wireless” section has multiple subsections, open the Wireless Security page.

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Change the password

Look for the box labeled “Password”, “Passphrase” or “WPA Key”. You can enter your new password into this box.

  • Try to create a strong password that would be difficult. It should not be related to anything personal and should include a liberal amount of numbers, random cases, and special characters. such as “!”, “$” and “#”, etc.
  • A strong password is usually at least 8 characters long.

Change your password & Save Setting

Once you are done entering your new password, click the Apply or Save button. The button’s location is different for every router but is typically located at the top or bottom of the page. The router will take a few moments to process the change. At which point any devices currently connected would be disconnected.

  • After your settings are changed, you can connect to your wireless network using your new password.


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